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  • Carla Evans

The cutest Christmas treat

Hi everyone,

Check out these little cuties!

Instead of doing my ironing last night I decided to make these Mini Christmas Puddings (aka Cranberry Fruit and Nut Energy Balls) from my friend and colleague Tansy at Joyful Eating Nutrition. They looked so cute, I just had to give them a go and they turned out great!

They're very simple to make - all the ingredients for the energy balls are put in the food processor at the same time and blended up, love those kinds of recipes! And the icing was very simple too - although not quite Carla approved as it's melted white chocolate so contains a lot of refined sugar but you only need a tiny bit - I bought a 200g block but I didn't even use half of it for a whole batch of energy balls. You'd probably get away with a single serve 50g bar.

Tansy's recipe is fantastic as she gives you 5 different ways of adapting these energy balls - the Mini Christmas Puddings is just one. A great kids activity for the school holidays...maybe not the Fruit and Nut Rum balls though, but I have a feeling Santa would appreciate those!

Happy rolling!

Carla :)



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