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  • Carla Evans

Wake up spine!

Hi everyone,

Happy February! So far 2021 feels like it is going just as fast as 2020, I hope the kids are happy to be back at school and you are enjoying getting back into a routine.

One little routine I always feel so much better for in the morning is doing 3 simple exercises to wake up my spine and therefore my nervous system. With having scoliosis I need this more than most but I think everyone would benefit so I've done 2 short videos of exercises - one video is on a mat (8mins), one is standing (5mins) - you only need to do one or the other. Once you've watched the videos a few times you won't need them anymore as the exercises are very simple. You can add them into your current morning exercise routine or if you're short on time just do them on their own.

Of course, if any of the movements create pain or antagonise existing injuries stop and check with your health practitioner.

Happy spines!

Carla :)



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